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Welcome! Early on in the history of TRF, the DragonSlayer produced several pewter drinking vessels for patron purchase. After several years, this production ceased. Then in 2016, the Creative Director of the Dragonslayer worked to bring pewter back to the Official Souvenirs of TRF. Imagnined in the Old World German Tradition of highlighting iconic landmarks of Festival towns, the newly inspired Pewter Collection was embraced by visitors with full-throated excitement. Each year 100 ea of a brand new Goblet and Shot Goblet is created to add to the collection, never to be produced again. Because of this, the Collectible Pewter is only offered for sale in shop, during the Festival Season. However, we wanted to offer our patrons a place to view, value, and peruse this historical collection. So, the interactive list below was born!

PLEASE REMEMBER: Ultimately, any collectible item is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay for it and the information below is merely a guide for the collector on general value.

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