Join us at the Wyrmwood Public House, where the worlds of French Bohemia, retro futuristic steampunk, and copper mining saloon culture, collide with burlesque, sideshow, magic, and more. Wyrmwood features the only authentic craft cocktail bar and climate controlled three story building at Faire. Come enjoy a cocktail, indulge in one of our absinthe or tequila tasting parties, or share a drink with the internationally acclaimed performers of The Green Hour. Whatever your fancy, your senses will be gratified.
Public Hours are 9am-3pm with Public Twilight Hour on Sundays from 6pm to close. Scroll below for FAQs about Wyrmwood Public House and information about our special Ticketed Events.
VIP Experiences
Parade Viewing Soiree

Absinthe & Tequila Tastings

The Green Hour
Want to experience Wyrmwood like the VIP you are? Never wait in line or worry that you won’t have a seat for the most exclusive cocktail bar in the shire. Choose from a Wyrmood Day Pass or the Time Traveler’s Club Pass to ensure you will always have a place to hang your goggles and savor your spirits.
View the Parade from a reserved spot on our Private Deck. Complete with Champagne poured by one of our Aerialists, high in the air or your choice of Gin or Absinthe, this is a Soiree worth attending!
Grab your ticket for one of our carefully curated tastings now! Our sipping experiences are truly an extravagant way to test your palette and determine your mouth’s desires.
Our truly immersive, Green Hour Performances, only happen twice a day, so purchasing your tickets now is a must. Burlesque, Magic and the fancies of the Green Fairy all collide in this must see to believer interactive experience!


Here's a link to the updated FAQ.
Indulge your Senses. Wyrmwood Awaits.