Official Collectible Pin Guide

Welcome to the Official TRF Collectible Pin Guide!  Here, the collector can peruse the most up to date guide to the Official Souvenir Pins produced each year for the Texas Renaissance Festival.  Simply click on the Pin for which you would like more information and you will be provided with descriptions and current market estimates on value.  This guide lists only those items for which we have good, clear, verified authentic pictures; and estimates are for EXCELLENT or better item condition.  If a verified picture is not available for a particular item, then it is not listed here.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Each year, only a limited number of Collectible Pins are produced.  Once all of those are sold, we do not reproduce the items.  TRF DragonSlayer does not purchase Vintage Pins for resale.   Any Collectibles that we have in stock will be listed in the Collectible Pins Drop Down on our website.  Ultimately, any collectible item is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay for it and the information below is merely a guide for the collector.