You have questions?  We have answers!


What’s the deal with this store?

This is the DragonSlayer Online Store.  We create, provide, and sell all of the Official Souvenir Merchandise for the Texas Renaissance Festival. 

Are you the same as the DragonSlayer Souvenir Shop I’ve seen on the grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival?

Yep, that’s us!   

Are you and the Texas Renaissance Festival run by the same entity?

No.  While we are very close partners with TRF and spend a lot of time with the wonderful guys and gals that work for TRF, we have a completely different staff and are run by a completely different company.

So, can the Administrative Staff at TRF help me with questions I have about your products?

Nope.  None of the Staff at TRF are involved with the operations of the DragonSlayer.  But, they are super nice people and if by chance you end up talking to one of them, they will be happy to forward your inquiry to us!

I got an email from Ormr…who is Ormr?

Ormr is the Official Customer Service Dragon of the DragonSlayer Online Store.  We take customer service very seriously and so does he.  Between our staff and Ormr, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need about your purchase.

I’m a Big Collector of your Tankards and Steins and I am interested in selling something from my collection or am looking for something to add to my collection.  Do you have a Collectors Exchange?

Not right now, but we are hoping to be able to create a forum for that in the future.  Unfortunately, with an open forum like that, there are a lot of legal hoops to jump through and monitoring procedures we have to adopt.  Takes some time to sort out in this modern era.  Ah…makes you miss the Renaissance, doesn’t it?

Do you buy or sell Vintage Tankards and Steins?

No to the buying.  Yes to the selling.  If we have a Vintage one available, we’ll make sure to put it up for sale Online.  Don’t worry, we’ll advertise on Facebook and through our Newsletter.   We don’t sell Tankards and Steins for other people though, just us.

How do I Subscribe to your Newsletter?

You’re automatically signed up when you make a purchase.  Don’t worry, you can opt out when you get the first one. 

You can click on the “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” Button on the website.  Don’t worry, it’s there.  Just look harder. 

You can also shoot us an email and let us know you want to Subscribe.  Don’t worry, we won’t cram your inbox.  You’ll just get an update on sales and cool coupons once or twice a month.


Is it safe for me to put my credit card into this website that consorts with Dragons?

Your safety is the most important thing to us.  We want you to feel comfortable using our site and purchasing things from us.  That’s why we have a whole team of Security Dragons that make sure your information is never stored (that’s handled by our payment processor) and never shared with anyone else.

What’s your privacy policy?

We never share your information with a third party.  So that we’re clear, you are the first party.  We are the second party.  And a third party is anyone else.  Our relationship is just between the two of us, the way it should be.

Can I purchase items from or get in contact with other artisans/vendors that are at TRF through you?

Not at this time.  We are working toward being able to provide a service that will allow our customers to contact and purchase items from other artisans and vendors who participate in TRF; but it’s not in place yet.  If you have a specific shop you want to get in contact with, feel free to shoot an email to Jennifer, the Vendor Coordinator for TRF, at pierce@texrenfest.com .  She’d be happy to help you!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, with the exception of AMEX.  Our payment processor doesn’t like them.  Not sure why.  Someone probably lost a Jousting Match or something.

I noticed you have products that are “pick-up only”.  What does this mean?

Sometimes we have a special promotion where the product is not available for shipping. It might be a pre-order, might be a limited printing, and might just be a stock shortage.  That’s what this is. A “pick-up only” item must be picked up from the physical DragonSlayer Store.

How do I get my “pick up only” items?

You can only pick up these items from the physical DragonSlayer Store on the grounds of TRF during normal Festival operating hours during the TRF Festival.  Simply walk into the store with your Receipt and ID and talk to one of our Sales Members.  They will be happy to help you. 

Be aware, in order to enter the Festival grounds, you will need to purchase a Festival Ticket.  This is TRF Policy. No curbside service in the Renaissance Times!


What Shipping Methods do you use?

Basic Ground Shipping or Priority Shipping, depending on which you choose. Shipping and Handling charges are based on your order amount, calculated after applicable discounts, and before sales tax.   The chart below should help clear things up:

Basic Ground Shipping*         Priority Shipping*

Order Amount

Shipping Fee


Order Amount

Shipping Fee

$25.00 or less

$5.00 flat rate


$25.00 or less

$7.00 flat rate

$50.00 or less

$9.00 flat rate


$50.00 or less

$15.00 flat rate

$75.00 or less

$15.00 flat rate


$75.00 or less

$22.00 flat rate

$100.00 or less

$18.00 flat rate


$100.00 or less

$25.00 flat rate

More than $100.00



More than $100.00


*Transit times for Basic Ground Shipping are estimated at 4-10 business days.  Transit times for Priority Shipping are estimated at 2-3 business days.  These are estimated transit times only.

How long does it take to process my order?

On average, about 3 business days from the time we receive your order. Usually processing time begins the first business day after you place your order.  Don’t worry, our Processing Dragons will get your order out as soon as possible.  If there is an issue, we’ll let you know.

Can you ship to international addresses?

Not at this time.

Will I receive an email confirmation of my order and when my order has shipped?

Remember our Customer Service Dragon, Ormr?  He’s really good with email.  So, yep you sure will! We’ll even do our best to include tracking information, if it is applicable.

I’ve submitted my order, but I have suddenly decided that I want to change it.  What do I do?

That all depends.  Have we already processed the order?  Have we already shipped it?  What do you want to change?  Best thing to do is to send us an email to sales@trfdragonslayer.com and we’ll try to help you.  No promises, though.

My order never arrived! HELP?

Take a deep breath.  Check the confirmation email we sent you.  If you received a tracking number, use that to check the status.  If that doesn’t work or you don’t have a tracking number, shoot us an email at sales@trfdragonslayer.com . Remember to include your order number, what you ordered, and your name and we’ll help you out.

My order arrived incomplete or damaged. YIKES?

Life isn’t perfect, especially when you rely on Dragons to get things where they need to go.  Don’t worry, just shoot us an email at sales@trfdragonslayer.com and we’ll help you out.  Remember to include your order number, what the problem is, and your name and we’ll help you out.


Can I return my order?

This is a detailed one, so bear with us.  The DragonSlayer Online Store strives to make your shopping experience an amazing one with attentive customer service.  If for any reason, you are not content with your order, we will gladly accept returns and/or exchanges within 30 days from the date of shipment, in new, unused condition with original packaging.  Some items purchased through special promotions may be final sale, and therefore not eligible for exchanges or returns (please refer to promotional disclaimers for the terms of each offer).

All items must be returned with all pieces included and intact, and apparel must be returned unworn with all tags still attached. 

Returns and/or exchanges of Drinkware items are accepted only in the event that the item arrives damaged or broken to the customer.  The customer must contact us within 5 days of receipt of the item and may be asked to provide pictures of the damage, in order to qualify for a return or exchange option.

I bought something online, but I’ll be attending the TRF Festival this weekend…can I just make my return or exchange at the physical DragonSlayer Store?

Nope, sorry.  Online orders returns or exchanges can’t be processed onsite in the Shop.  Makes things way too confusing.  Really, please don’t try or you will be met with disappointment.  We’ll be super polite, but you will be super disappointed.  Use the online process.

I bought something in the physical DragonSlayer Store can I return or exchange it through the online process?

As a general rule, no.  But, if you have a specific question or concern, we welcome you to shoot us an email at sales@trfdragonslayer.com and we will see if we can help you out.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Shoot us an email at sales@trfdragonslayer.com.  Let us know your order number, what item you would like to return or exchange, why, and your name.  We’ll contact you back with any information or instructions you will need.

How long will it take?

It all depends on what you would like to return or exchange and the circumstances surrounding your request.  Sometimes we will require additional information or something is out of stock.  Most of the time, though we have your inquiry resolved very quickly.  Once we receive the item in question, we process it as quickly as possible to get your new item on its way back to you.

What else?

Let’s see…we’re pretty reasonable.  If something arrives severely damaged, we will generally replace it, and we’ll process your refund within 5 business days of our last email to you confirming the refund.  If you are reasonable, we’ll often throw in a special coupon code for your next purchase just to thank you for your patience.  But, shhh…don’t tell anyone.  Then they will all want one.


I have a question you didn’t cover!

No problem.  Contact us at sales@trfdragonslayer.com or send us a message through our CONTACT FORM.