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We are the DragonSlayer.  We are staffed by people and dragons (yep, we said dragons) who love history, fashion, and bringing an uncommon shopping experience to people all over the country.


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Our brick and mortar home is the DragonSlayer Shop, just inside the Front Gates of the Texas Renaissance Festival. (That’s our picture, above!) We’re just to your left and 3,000 square feet of nooks and cranny filled Tudor beauty.

  Our Online Store is anywhere you are with your laptop, your phone, or anything else that you like to use to connect to the ether.  We relish in the creative process of designing Apparel and Sundries (fancy Renaissance word for various items) that make history and historical images fashionable again.  

Love Renaissance Festivals and Fantasy Artwork?  We’ve got a tee shirt for that.  Do heraldic crests and shields really speak to you?  Browse our Collectibles.  Have a friend who is about to start a family? We’ve got tongue and cheek onesies that will keep you laughing.  We have it all, whether you want to be bold and old-fashioned or modern and cool.  

So, take your boots off, untie that corset, and throw on those modern shades to take a whirl around our website; or stop in to the shop during TRF and browse the shelves.  There’s something here for you, no matter what you love.  Join the adventure, it will be epic!



By the way, if you do decide to come and visit us in person, we’d love it if you’d pop into our Pub, the Tap.  It’s just around the corner from the shop, and our beer wenches are some of the best anywhere.  Craft beers, Merry Mixes and Sunday Brunch “Cran-mosas” will lift your spirits and put a smile on your face.  Our only regret?  Thant you can’t taste our brews thru the Website!

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