Reserve a Rickshaw

Come On, Jump On!

Why walk the festival grounds like a commoner, when you can ride like a Noble?! Our beautifully crafted, man powered vehicles are at your service, rain or shine. Whether you have a specific adventure in mind, or you would like us to be your personal tour guide, we are here to deliver you where you would like to go in style and comfort.

Rickshaws are our Vintage Style Vehicles. This syle does not have a top or awning typically. They tend to be a bit lower to the ground, and thus an easier climb in and out for the less limber guest.

Cabriolets are our Modern Style Vehicles. This style has a foldable awning top for inclement weather or shade. They are higher off the ground and have smaller steps up.


We will not accommodate more than 2 people per vehicle. Please do not ask drivers to “squish”.


Pick up at the start of your reservation, INSIDE THE FRONT GATE by the Information Booth.


Drop off wherever you would like, within the time allowed. Advance notice to driver recommended.

Each vehicle has one large seat that will accommodate 2 people. If you have a party of more than 2 people, simply reserve one vehicle per every 2 people for the same time slot. Because all these vehicles are part of the same reservation, our drivers will make certain to inquire whether or not you all want to stick together, or you want to venture off separately at the time of your pick up.

Our drivers do have specific schedules to keep, but they vary from day to day. If you would like to extend your reservation beyond what you’ve booked, feel free to have a conversation with your driver on how to make that happen. They will be happy to discuss with you additional fees for doing so, if they are able.

We operate Rain or Shine, and there are no refunds, except in very specific circumstances.

Contact us at sales@trfdragonslayer.com
Remember though, that our email is only checked between the hours of 9am-5pm during the week. We do not check the email on Festival Days. No email request is confirmed until you receive a confirmation directly from us in reply.